Engine Tools & Equipment

Transform your Windows PC, laptop, or tablet into a professional-grade automotive scan tool (not compatible with Apple iOS devices)Save time and money by reading and clearing 'check engine' and trouble codes yourself, and determine the problem before consulting a mechanicFree licence key for OBDwiz software3-year manufacturer warranty, plus free firmware...
Power-TEC 91890 3676 Power-TEC 91890 3676 2
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Camshaft Tools

Power-TEC 91890 3676

Corner clampManufactured from Chrome MolybdenumEliminates the need to use two clampsFor use in confined areasProfessional
Used to repair damaged or worn out threads, they can also be used to create new stronger threads in original equipment.Provide a permanent, corrosion and wear resistant internal thread which is usually stronger than the original parent material thread.PowerCoil wire thread inserts are manufactured from precision profiled diamond shaped stainless steel...
Grinding Materials for Painting Work

Power-TEC 91207 Shrinking Dolly

Shrinking dolly.Polished finish.Selected steel.Professional quality.Weight 1335 grams.
Power-TEC 91204 Shrinking... Power-TEC 91204 Shrinking... 2
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Grinding Materials for Painting Work

Power-TEC 91204 Shrinking Grid Dolly

Heat treated under controlled conditions.Ground and polished to a high standard.Weight 1335gms.Further dollies available from Power-TEC.Part of the Hammer | Dollies | Spoons range.
Power-TEC 91887 Pull Yoke Power-TEC 91887 Pull Yoke 2
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Paint Workshop Facilities

Power-TEC 91887 Pull Yoke

Can be used with clamp or stand alone.Slip pin into back of clamp and set up pull.210mm length.A range of clamps are available from Power-TEC.Part of the Repair and Alignment Range from Power-tec.
Grinding Materials for Painting Work

Power-TEC 91229 Chaser Chisel, 24 mm

25mm wide.300mm long for greater access.Strong and durable.High density synthetic nylon.Shock resistant.
Power-TEC 91833 Thin Toe Dolly Power-TEC 91833 Thin Toe Dolly 2
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Paint Workshop Facilities

Power-TEC 91833 Thin Toe Dolly

Manufactured from 1055 medium carbon steel.Sand blasted finish and polished.Forged steel.Professional quality.940 grams.
Engine Tools & Equipment

Power-TEC 92418 3676

For welding and repairing plastic parts or components, vehicle bumpers, broken headlight fixings, cracks, fractures and deep scratchesCordlessWith piezo ignitionKit includes gas soldering iron, 9mm/12mm welding tips, screwdriver, cleaning rod, wire brush, 3 x steel mesh 10cm x 6cm, 6 x PP welding rods, 6 x PS welding rods, 6 x PE welding rods, 6 x ABS...
Epic hot wheels track builder kits lets kids build an entire world or add on to their existing track setsComes with an impressive amount of pieces including orange track, launchers, connectors and much moreMulti-use pieces can be used in nearly endless combinations so the fun keeps buildingUtility handle can be used as a hook for a gravity drop and to...
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