Tyres & Rims

Lorry & SUV

Tuff S33Pro Tube-Black, 21 mm

Training tyre for all around use with higher inflation pressure. Fine tread pattern contributes to low rolling resistance and good riding quality.Weight: 260 gOrigine: Hand made in Czech republic

CarPlan Flat Mate 500ml

CarPlan Flat MateEmergency Puncture RepairNo Tools or Dismantling requiredRe-Inflates & seals tyres Fast
Universal backpack fastening system for backpacks up to 260 x 100 x 340 mm.Removable handle Main Material: Very durable polypropylene, painted steel and PVC wheels.Weight 0.57 kg Dimensions: Open 220 x 170 x 675 mm, Closed 220 x 170 x 400 mm.Model covered by SAFTA. Available in 19 colours.Made in Spain.
Inflate and deflate all household and camping inflatable essentials with this compact high volume pump.Inflate and deflate with minimum hassleVersatile pump with 3 valve adaptorsGreat for use on airbeds, inflatable pools and beach inflatables130 Watts / 450 ltr per min air flow / 0.60 PSIWorks of a mains plug
HEYNER PedalPowerPRO heavy duty foot pump is made of quality materials, very thick frame and robust anti-slip rubber feet, so no more wobbling while you pump.Heavy duty high capacity cylinder together with quick release valve connector will help you get the job done quick and easy60cm (24") air hose, double valve connector (2017 updated stronger version)3...
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