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Extra strong fully magnetic plates, it is not easy to blown off when driving your car at high speeds.Reusable and easily wipe over to keep your car clean after use.Waterproof and long life span. Perfect for new provisional drivers, motorcyclists and mopeds.Exceed all legal requirements. It complies with department of transport regulations.Package includes...
Stronger magnetism helps to stick firmly on vehicles. Good for new drivers and learner driversWaterproof and long lifespanReusable and easy to wipe over to keep your car clean after usePackage included 2 pack of L plates?Warning?Long-term adsorption of the magnet on the surface of the Car Paint will cause damage to the paintwork , such us may chang the...
Decorative stickers to apply on both the car rear window and wiper.Its application is easy and can be implemented in two modalities.It is important to put the tail sticker on the rear wiper accurately.
Decals & Stickers

3D Sticker Three Flags Italy

Stickers made with a special 3D transparent resin.Adhesiveness guaranteed, excellent resistance over time.Bright colours and clear details.Strong anti-yellowing properties thanks to their UV protective filter compounds.Dimensions: 110 x 15 mm / 50 x 8 mm.
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Ranger Non Stick Craft Sheet

Ranger Non Stick Craft Sheet15 x 18 inchesReusableNon porous non stick mat which also withstands high temperaturesEasy Clean Up
STICKER - Many different colorful stickers in all colors and shapes. Well-known logos and designs from all areasVARIOUS SETS - With 10 different sets there is something for every tasteSTRONG HOLD & WATERPROOF - Once attached, these stickers last forever. Even water can't harm youPERFECT DECO - Enhance your daily items with these stickers. No matter if...
?? 46 UNIQUE FUNNY STICKERS. There are 46 different cute stickers in each pack. Compliments and good mood are guaranteed!?? EXTRA DURABLE 100% VINYL. They are WATERPROOF and UV-RESISTANT, WRONG, stickers can be stuck several times and are residue-free after removal.?? PERFECT SIZE. SIMPLY STICK ON DIFFERENT SURFACES. Stickers can also be easily removed....
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